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photographer Paul Huang.

Jambu Fruit Dove

Jambu Fruit Dove Ptilinopus jambu Uncommon non-breeding visitor recorded every month. An irruptive species which occurs irregularly. It appears to perform local migrations (nocturnal flights) and had been captured at lighthouse in Singapore (G-H 1949) and flown into lighted windows at night in many places. The species is found in Malay Peninsula, Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo, Banka, Billiton, W Java. In Singapore, it is recorded in BTNR, Central Catchment forest, Bukit Kalang, SBWR, Youngberg Hospital, Gilman Park, Tuas, Kent Ridge Park, Medway Park, Ulu Pandan Commonwealth Ave, Ponggol Farmway 2, Mt Faber. Also recorded in Sentosa, P. Hantu and P Ubin. Usually found in dense forest, sometimes in scrub and orchards. Formerly not uncommon in the mangroves (Robinson 1928; B & C 1927, G-H 1949a). Said to be shy and retiring in its habits. Usually met with alone or in pairs and keep to the shelter of thick foliage. Note is a low soft _coo_ which is not often uttered (Robinson 1928). Flight is swift and powerful, with a noisy clapping of the wings. Eats berries of Tembusu, small figs, wild cherry fruit of Trema sp (Duckett 1987). May also take fallen fruits on the ground (observed in Borneo Symthies 1968). Notes by Wang Luan Keng.

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photographer: Paul Huang | shooting date: 2004-01-01 | country: Singapore | location: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve | in gallery: Forests in Singapore? | category: Birds | currently browsing: sort by: date (desc), category: Birds
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