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Birds of Khao Yai - Thailand's First National Park



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I had the priviledge of visiting Khao Yai in Thailand recently and in 2001. The trip in 2001 was part of the Bangkok Bird Race and brought back fond memories of a national park that is very beautiful and accesible from Bangkok. So this year during Chinese New Year, I managed to a 3 day trip to Khao Yai accompanied by a Thai birder friend. Rented a VIP van (none other was available due to the holidays) and stayed at a decent resort just outside the park. Great company, great food and of course great birding. Its the dry season and nearing the end of the migration season. Quite a few lifers for me including a Black Stork spotted in good view flying across the bat caves while we were looking for raptors hunting for bats at dusk. Lots of time spend sitting the forest quietly waiting for birds to pass by which explains why I managed to photographed quite a few species of warblers and babblers and robins. Lots of people at the park in the weekends especially at the camp grounds. Good stuff, shows that the Thais love the outdoors and best of all their national parks. I hope it will always be that way.

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