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Tabin Wildlife Reserve and Danum Valley, Sabah, Malaysia



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Tabin Wildlife Reserve and Danum Valley are located about 1-2 hours drive from Lahad Datu, a town on the south eastern part of Sabah. I had the opportunity to visit Tabin in June 2004 and Danum Valley in October 2001. I spent 4 days and 3 nights on both occasions. Both places are mainly diterocarp forests. According to sources the birdlife are very similar in both places with the exception of the Borneon Bristlehead which has not been recorded in Tabin. This could be due the fact that the area accessible to visitors in Tabin consists mainly of secondary forests (logged and regenerated) and in Danum Valley, it is mainly primary forests (unlogged). I had great times in both places and in my June visit to Tabin, I was able to observe and photograph a herd of 6 Borneon Pygmy Elephants from a distance as close as 40 meters. Over 220 species of birds have been recorded in Tabin itself. Sabah has done well to protect these two areas. By God's grace, I will certainly go back again to this beautiful and natural place. The birds in Tabin reminds me of Panti Forest. I hope that Johor will make Panti a protected wildlife reserve some day too.

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