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Forests in Singapore? Are you sure there are still forests in Singapore? You are kidding right? That is the common response that I get when I tell Singaporeans and foreigners alike about our forests. Well, it is not surprising given that Singapore is known to be a clean and perfectly planned garden city. Nothing wrong with that but I want to put the record straight. Not only do we have forests in Singapore, we have very nice ones. Most of Singapore forests (the ones on mainland Singapore) are found in the central catchment area covering areas like Sime Forest, Nee Soon and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (please correct me if I am wrong). We dont have much left but what is remaining deserves mention because they are wonderful places to explore and learn about the forests and its inhabitants. They also need to be consciously protected and conserve if they are to be there for the future.

I have been spending quite a few weekends at Sime Forest over the pass few months and have had some wonderful time. The forest can be very quiet but I am still amazed by the surprises I get. My incident with a resplendent male Purple-throated Sunbird is still vividly etched in my mind. A few fleeting but magical seconds in the bright sunlight about 12 feet away from me.
I hope this gallery will give you an idea of the forests and encourage you to visit one.

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