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Peace and Tranquility at Dawn Dawn at the Jetty Dawn at the Jetty Coming Home at Dusk Waiting for the Boats at Dusk Fishing Boats at Dawn Warm Glow of Dusk Sunset at the Jetty Lesser Adjutant Grey Heron Mud Skippers Mangrove and Birds

Parit Jawa is a little fishing village in the State of Johor, Malaysia. It is blessed with a mudflat that is the feeding ground for a flock of Lesser Adjutants plus many other birds that feed in the mudflat and mangrove ecosystem.

These are images that I took during one of my trips there in 2001. The memories of the village, bird life and the beautiful light of the dawn, noon and dusk are still vivid in my mind.

The last I heard, Parit Jawa might be redeveloped and there is no consideration given to the important natural habitat there. I hope these images will create awareness that will lead to a balanced approach in conserving Parit Jawa.

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