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Its been a LONG TIME
hi, its been a LONG time since I uploaded new images. Have been very busy preparing for triathlons : ). Hope to update the website soon. do continue to go out often, enjoy nature, conserve nature and spot the birds. Cheers, paul. [ more ]

Updates to Website
Hi all, its been such a long time since I have updated the website. Carrying out server upgrades and database upgrades recently. Look out for new photos from Mt. Kinabalu, Panti, Frasers Hill plus Bukit Tinggi and Maxwell Hill soon... Cheers. [ more ]

Blue-winged Pitta and Orange-headed Thrush added to Botanic Gardens
These are the two star attractions for about the past 3 weeks at Botanic Gardens. The Blue-winged Pitta is quite predictable and can be spotted quite easily. The Orange-headed Thrush is also nearby but is less predictable therefore harder to see. I was very fortunate to be able to photograph it in ... [ more ]

Many new updates to Birds of Kinabalu
I have added 30 new images to the above gallery taken during my last trip to the park in Dec 2005. Do check them out. While the majority are better pictures of existing species, there are quite a few new ones as well. Cheers, Paul [ more ]

New Updates to Singapore Botanic Gardens
There are still lots of construction going on at the Botanic Gardens but birdlife is slowly making its way back. I counted 18 Lesser Treeducks at Symphomy Lake! All very tame. Here are some new birds added: 1. Grey Heron (new) 2. Stripped Tit-babbler (finally! - new) 3. Thick-billed Pigeon ... [ more ]

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