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Your website when it comes to elegance, it has captured the sense of the readers. The well organized theme blends with the content has the capacity to bring it to the top.

Malaysian Plovers

Malaysian Plovers

bob lalas | homepage
Thank you for your dedication to this project - beautiful photographs well presented.

Ken McLennan, Canada | homepage
Dear Paul, At the moment I am in Singapore for the third time and still wondering what bird is making the loud sound especially in the early morning when the world is quiet, but also by the day. I have no idea which bird belongs to this loud and clearly sound. Sometimes I think there are two birds, the first has another sound than the answering second. Can you help me with an answer? I hope so. Thank you already in advance, yours sincerely, Jenny

Jenny van Denzel, Netherlands
Hi Paul - I am a first time visitor to Singapore and am here for work purposes. So far I have only seen a few species (in Singapore City) but I am hoping to sneak off on a trip to the Botanical Gardens tomorrow. Your photographs are fantastic and have really whetted my appetite for the visit. Many thanks Jane

Jane Cochrane, United Kingdom
You have a most wonderful collection of photographs here! I cant believe that there are so many varieties of birds in our own botanical gardens and your photography skills are truly impressive, to be able to capture pictures of such flighty creatures! Thank you!

new bird lover
The most impressive collection of bird photography I have ever seen. Many thanks for the enjoyment and education your effort and time has brought.

Patrick McClure, Singapore | homepage
Great pictures of wild birds! This site is always my reference for bird as I am taking bird photograph as well. I hope, with information at web, people will have greater appreciation of nature, hence, planting more greens and protecting Singapore earth, together we make Singapore a great place for wildlife and people. Gracias!

TJ, Singapore
Hello Paul Huang! Your birds are so clear and nice pictures! Good Job!

Asian Barred Owlet

Asian Barred Owlet

Empoeleon, Singapore | homepage